Week12_11.08 Devon

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General experience

Devon is little India area, there is a lots of Indian and Pakistanis signs in this area. I was little afraid in this town alone. People are welcoming for foreigner but, they are against their own private space and religious space from other ethnic groups. On the street, I can hear diverse languages. Town is small scale and not really packed. Main streets are offered divers foods, but dominantly Indian and Pakistanis, Iraqis. They selling their tradition clothes and religious ornament in the shop.


Indian and Pakistanis are dominant this area. They keep initial immigrant character and diverse culture and commercial space. It distinguish Indian and Pakistanis by texts and they segregated each side of their town. They got their own strong community but, some delis and main commercial district shared friendly.

Use of Space

Religion is most important thing in this area.  Houses are small and Americanized and less fence around this area. It looks Chicago suburb, they are really protective their own space.


Temple is not their ethnic characterized, but is located in the middle of neighborhood for reaching easily. There is no street art or other cultural activities, religion covers all their cultural, social activities in this town.


Week11_Stratification and Global city

Stratification and segregation is different. Chicago have severe stratification based on income value. It is human capital program that connects labor market as well. The main problem is huge gap of education. Closing public school system is one problem, government suggests several solutions, however, neighborhoods are disagree with these idea. Wealth area try  to separate level of people, based on parents job, income, house units. Elective enrollment is not desirable solution because of equity of education quality. Not only Chicago, United states were stable system educationally 1950’s. But, the system stays same education target. Now, education system need to be flexible and more specialized program. Chicago segregated mostly ethnicity that appears violence problem. Then, it occurs dangerous condition to make stable education system for student. This condition block teacher’s and school encouragement as well. Through the number of achieves of school, Chicago is below grade in average of grade. This research need to be more specific based on each neighborhood and statistic will show objective view of problem.


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General experience

Bridgeport is well established neighborhood and growing new ethnic group in Chicago. It was based on Italian American based, but now China town expend in Bridgeport. On the street, I can hear English,Chinese,Spanish. Residential area are really nice and rich in east of Bridgeport.  West side is for Latino area and all street workers are mostly Latino. Italian churches and Italian club is in west side and this it appears Italian neighborhood.


Ethnic groups are changing this area and movable age groups easily because of college. Compared to Halsted street, west and east is segregation based on income. However, Bridgeport is middle income level and east side is little higher than west side.


Education is segregated in this town as well. College students are occupied little percentage of town, that is flexible element for control this town. West side are empty streets for working time, however, east side, housewife do something in the house.


Italian churches supports their community with daycare center, and Croatian church is in bridgeport , and Chinese funeral center. Several after school program is in bridgeport area and Italian club is protecting their neighborhood and share and social activities.

Week09_Community development and the Creative class

Richard Florida mentioned community development is required economic base and technology. Talent and tolerance are fundamental element to development community level. 3Ts, creative class translate the region and it supports to encourage community.Industrial boom lead by manufacturing job based on export business. The new business of innovation is encouraging Chicago area. Culture, Education, High-tech, Financial, service are occupied Chicago new economy. Creativeness are key factor  and compete each business fields. These days, new labors are high-educated and talented their field and more professional knowledge required. Distinctiveness of idea influences on economic profit, and these knowledge and skill are generating new economy field as well. It creates new community and transform their community to social, technical, economic condition to help Chicago society. Chicago set prerequisite infrastructure and economic base, however, it needs stable economic effect, not flexible based on international element or entire United states matters. Non stable economy is not helpful for the city because it reports temporary influences of city. Chicago encourage to support self-protective as internal economy, but external element influences on global economy.







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General Experience

This was first time to visit Pilsen are, that was good cultural character neighborhood. In the museum, it was good opportunity to learn their belief and understand their initial immigrant history as well. This community center is free for everyone, every ethnic groups, so that supports community activities effective way for other ethnic groups and young Latino generation. Pilsen is based on Latino area, a lots of restaurants and supermarket signs are Latino and English. Street art was outstanding point in this area. Entire wall barrier painted by cultural symbols and free expression as well. Behind this wall, empty mirror building is shown their history and put various effects for this area.


Basic Language is English and Spanish, almost bilingual in this area. Food and cultural shops are based on Latino’s and it seems welcoming to other ethnic groups or hipsters.There is young and old diversity of area, but boundary is blurry and each streets are different. Income is median, but houses are more smaller size and no garden area, compared canaryville. I can find Latino flags, especially Mexican in everywhere.

Use of Space

Public and private space is strongly divided and park and community center are crowded for young kids and old people. Private houses are quiet and looks empty for work during the daytime. Streets and car load are old and little dirty, asthma kids are growing  because of the air quality in this area.


Art segregation is based on economic factor, Public art(streets) and galleries. There is a lot of private galleries but, couldn’t look up outside. Public art is more friendly in this area and covers huge area, even shops and old buildings. Vivid color and Mexican immigrant images are normally covers street art, that shown popular politics and dance. Catholic base churches are here.

Week07_Economic Competitiveness of Global cities

In business district, it should search international customer for export. Innovation economic for new future business, Chicago is researching for new field of economic sector. Chicago based on meat pecking and steel manufacturing, it keep changing and there is no benefit for these business anymore. New economic and high-tech economy need for global city. Through Illinois innovation R&D, it leads service industry and new coming pharmaceutical industry in Chicago city, compared to NYC or LA. Chicago infrastructure set as loop, which is Chicago main character, that is a bridge to corporate HQ companies in Chicago. Stock exchange and Metra station are roots for establishing economic centralization in Chicago. Especially, IT companies, startups are located in loop are, grand ave is the north boundary of IT business. Why these big companies are located in loop all together? and why companies moved suburbs and why come back to city area? This is because city offer high educated employee and sharing information is the key for new economic sector. Even though loop office is not cheaper than other area, they are gathering together and city itself, they invite new economy in the city. TIF area is most important element from city of Chicago. Government supports facilities or establishing money for inviting companies. It helps to become IT Hub in Chicago and they translate economic effect to globally.

Week05_09.20 immigrant, Chicago third sector


For global city, it requires connection between city and larger world. Chicago has always been a city of newcomers, making it not just a place, but a process for global city. Chicago is helping social economic condition from race to neighborhood.  That was based on history of industry and newcomers create new community and social activities. Also, they self-protective economic base to support neighborhood and prohibit other ethnic group to join their specific economic and cultural area. Now, Chicago not only invite high educated immigrant, but they also accept refugee immigrants.

Refugee resettlement

Chicago accept double number of Refugee immigrant since 1975. For refugee is hard to settle down in the city based on cultural backgrounds. Chicago protect arriving refugee with non profit community service. Language is the first problem and each miner thing might be problem for them. This community educates refugee and keep in eye on how they settle in Chicago economically and socially. From 1980’s till 2000’s, refugee ethnic group are changing from union of soviet or Asian to African and oil countries based on war. Through the article, Chicago is third refugee resettlement city, that is support to call as global city.